Big Data and DW/BI Practice

Even though new big data technologies can bring down the overall infrastructure costs associated with storing and processing data to a significant level, leadership and technical talent costs can easily offset the capital savings. The scarcity of specialized big data programming skills including data scientists and Hadoop developers can make it impossible to staff a project.

At Gladwin Analytics, we hire expert talents in the following areas of big data and DW/BI:

1. Data Warehouse Architecture

Different data warehousing systems have different structures. Some may have an ODS (operational data store), while some may have multiple data marts. Some may have a small number of data sources, while some may have dozens of data sources. In view of this, Gladwin Analytics provides exceptionally skilled architects, engineers and senior leaders for the clients having needs from a few numbers of data marts to extremely complex Online Integrated Data Warehousing System.

2. Data Management

(i) Master Data Management (MDM)

Master Data is the high-value, core information used to support critical business processes across the enterprise. It is at the core of every business decision today. One of the greatest challenges organizations facing is delivering consolidated and reliable business-critical data (or) master data - to the management that decision makers rely on every day.

Leading firms in financial services, life sciences, manufacturing, healthcare, government, energy and other industries rely on this business critical data to cut costs and drive revenue by improving operations and making more informed decisions across the enterprise.

At Gladwin Analytics, we empower our clients in banking, insurance, retail, government, and healthcare by providing world class MDM experts, a crucial role in translating data into meaningful and highly useful intelligence.

(ii) Meta Data Management

If your company is in the process of making a knowledge management solution, creating a metadata schema and developing a system in which metadata is managed are very important. In such a project, a dedicated metadata management system is crucial in order to adhere to metadata and information management standards. At Gladwin Analytics, we provide expert leaders in Meta Data Management, which can make sure that the metadata is complete, current and correct at any given time.

(iii) Data Quality Management

Ultimately, data quality is a balance. Using two of the more common metrics of data quality - completeness and accuracy - we see that to have data that is both 100% accurate and 100% complete can be very expensive. Within a business intelligence environment, there are several roles that are involved in data quality management: Program Manager, Project Leader, Organization Change Agent, Business Analyst, Data Analyst and Data Steward etc., Gladwin Analytics provides our clients, an expert assistance for their leadership talent hiring in data quality management with critical skillsets including data profiling, data quality, data integration and data augmentation.

(iv) Big Data Governance

Undertaking the creation of a data governance program can be a daunting task. You need the right people, in the right roles, doing the right things, at the right time and in the right sequence. If even one of these is misaligned, your efforts will fail.

Firstly, as we already know, business buy-in is critical to success. However, more importantly, the business must have not only the passion and the empowerment but also skilled data resources (such as data champions, data stewards and even data scientists) that have the knowledge to identify "what needs to get it done".

At Gladwin Analytics, our expert search partners provide competent manpower to our clients in critical areas of the data governance.

3. Business Intelligence - Data Discovery

Business intelligence (BI) has gained considerable traction since its introduction as "decision support systems" in the 1960s. BI helps organizations organize and analyze data to make better decisions. This could include internal data from company departments as well as data from external sources, such as marketing data services, social media channels or even macroeconomic information.

The BI market is growing rapidly because of the proliferation of data. Over the past few decades, companies that have deployed ERP, CRM and other applications are now sitting on top of zettabytes of data that can add significant value to their business. In addition, the growth of the Web has increased the demand for tools that can analyze large data sets.

As leaders in the field, we are particularly well placed to support our clients with their specialized leadership talent needs in key areas of Business Intelligence and the roles which are typical for a data warehouse project including - Technical Architect, ETL Developers, OLAP Developers, Data Modelers and QA Group. While we help our clients hire all rounded Data Warehouse Architects and Business leaders, we are also specialized in hiring skill specific talent for BI projects of all sizes.

  • Data Mining and Applied Data Mining: We place highly intellectual Data Mining Researchers and Practice leaders with skill intersection of artificial intelligence, machine learning, statistics, and database systems.
  • Predictive Modeling: Naive Bayes Classifier, k-nearest neighbor algorithm, Artificial Neural Networks, Logistic Regression and more.
  • Semantic and Text Analytics
  • ETL: IBM WebSphere Information Integration (Ascential DataStage), Ab Initio, Informatica, Talend and more.
  • OLAP: Business Objects, IBM Cognos, SQL Server Analysis Services, MicroStrategy, Palo OLAP Server and more.
  • Reporting: SAP Crystal Reports, MicroStrategy, IBM Cognos, Actuate, Jaspersoft, Pentaho and more.
  • Metadata Tools
  • Open Source BI Tools

4. Big Data Reporting

Reporting is a fundamental part of the larger acceleration towards improved business intelligence and knowledge management. Often implementation involves extract, transform, and load (ETL) procedures in coordination with a data warehouse and then using one or more reporting tools like tableau, talend, pentaho, TIBCO Jaspersoft, Splunk etc., Gladwin Analytics is uniquely placed to support leadership hiring for Big Data Reporting and skill specific talent search including Data Visualization, Dashboards and Scorecards.

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