Banking and Financial Services

No matter how you cut it low, banking is a data heavy industry. But despite the data explosion, effective mining of insights has remained elusive. Given the tremendous advances in analytics and the processing power generated by SaaS based utility computing architectures, the banking industry is changing the way it operates.

As the industry works its way out of the amid continued uncertainty over the future, banks and other financial institutions, in particular, must seriously consider using big data and analytics to embrace the power of technology to gain insights and appropriately evaluate risks and opportunities - enabling more effective decision making in the quest to enhance wallet share, uncover hidden innovation opportunities and improve compliance within a more stringent regulatory environment. To do so, and to achieve faster time-to-market, it is crucial for banks to have a highly competitive analytics talent force in place.

At Gladwin Analytics, while helping our banking clients hiring analytics professionals to drive "an integrated approach" for knitting all the analytic functions, we also provide world-class specialized analytics talent in the following areas:

  • Real Time Analytics
  • Risk Analytics
  • Fraud Analytics
  • Customer Analytics
  • Channel Analytics
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Behavioral Analytics
  • Credit Card Analytics
  • Robotics Process Automation

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