Big Data Analytics and Cloud Computing Practice

Big Data and Advanced Analytics:

With big data exploding, so does the need for high performing analytic talents. To be a successful data driven organization, it requires top-tier business leaders who have a strong understanding of analytic trends, multicultural perspective, and proficiency in both technology and business processes. At Gladwin Analytics, consultants in big data and advanced analytics practice have built a world class knowledge base and unparalleled connections to assist clients with all their talent needs. While we hire alytics professionals to drive "an integrated approach" for knitting all the analytic functions, we also provide world-class specialized analytics talent in the following areas:

  • Predictive Modeling / Predictive Analytics
  • Data Mining
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Forecasting
  • Econometrics
  • Text Analytics
  • Optimization and Simulation

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Risk and Fraud Analytics:

Today's business climate is unchecked with more risk than ever. At the same time, regulatory compliance costs continue to rise rapidly even as the need for capital optimization and preservation grows. Organizations are making big investments to harness the power of big data to accurately uncover risks and manage it in a smart way.
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At Gladwin Analytics, we leverage our expert search consultants, close contact with risk managers around the globe and the knowledge of regional regulations and compliance to seamlessly hire unparalleled risk analytics professionals across industries.

What makes us distinctive ?

Key to the value we bring is our deep understanding of our clients, the industries in which they operate, and our highly specialized search partners providing clients the global leaders in risk analytics, while offering specialized skill based search in key areas such as:

  • Enterprise Risk Analytics
  • Credit Risk and Fraud Analytics
  • Credit Risk Modeling
  • Counterparty Risk Analytics
  • Financial Risk Analytics
  • Asset and Portfolio Modeling
  • Pension Risk Analytics
  • Liquidity Risk Modeling
  • Casualty Risk Analytics

Marketing Analytics

Over the years, as businesses expanded into new marketing categories, new technologies were adopted to support them. Because each new technology was typically deployed in isolation, the result was a hotchpotch of disconnected data environments.

Consequently, marketers often make decisions based on data from individual channels, not taking into account the entire marketing picture. Social media data alone is not enough. Web analytics data alone is not enough. And tools that look at just a snapshot in time for a single channel are woefully inadequate. Marketing analytics, by contrast, considers all marketing efforts across all channels over a span of time - which is essential for sound decision making and efficient program execution. Managing it all requires exceptional technical and managerial skills in marketing analytics.

At Gladwin Analytics, we leverage our collective expertise to identify and assess leaders in marketing analytics who can support the growth and success of our client organizations. Our executive search offerings in marketing analytics include:

  • Web Analytics & Digital
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Customer Analytics / Shopper Analytics / Partner Experience Analytics
  • Loyalty Analytics
  • Pricing Analytics
  • Social Media Analytics / Sentiment Analytics
  • Consumer Insights and Strategy / Churn Analytics
  • Promotions Campaign Analytics / Mobile Analytics

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Predictive Operations Analytics

Recent advances in Big Data analytics technologies have made possible for the organizations to improve multiple aspects of operations such as - enabling new business models, optimizing the existing business process, reduce operations cost and reducing attrition in a more efficient way. At Gladwin Analytics, our expert analytics search consultants provide competent manpower to our clients in the following key areas of operations analytics:

  • 1. Inventory / Stores Analytics
  • 2. Workforce Analytics / HR Analytics
  • 3. Business Process Analytics
  • 4. Supply Chain Analytics

Job Listing

# Title Location
Data Scientist (8 - 12)Yrs San Ramon, California
Python Development Team Lead (8 - 12)Yrs London, UK
Account Manager, Intellectual Property & Standard (5 - 8)Yrs Singapore
Country Account Manager (DACH) (6 - 9)Yrs London, UK
Strategic Account Manager- Life Sciences (8 - 12)Yrs London, UK
Cloud Architect (10 - 12)Yrs Boston, MA USA
Senior Information Security Engineer (8 - 12)Yrs Philadelphia, USA
Global Account Manager - Pharmaceutical Sales and ... (10 - 20)Yrs New Jersey and Indianapolis, USA
Principal Analytics Business Development (15 - 25)Yrs Anywhere in the US
Software Architect (10 - 15)Yrs San Francisco, CA
Assistant Manager - Data Science (4 - 7)Yrs Bangalore / Mumbai
Country Manager - Data Science (8 - 12)Yrs Bangalore / Mumbai
Senior Manager - Data Science (11 - 16)Yrs Bangalore / Mumbai
Senior Manager - Marketing Analytics (5 - 12)Yrs Mumbai, India
Senior Manager - Pricing Analytics (5 - 12)Yrs Mumbai, India
Senior Manager - Supply Chain Analytics (5 - 12)Yrs Mumbai, India
Senior Manager - Data Science - Sales & Marketing ... (5 - 12)Yrs Mumbai, India
Manager / Senior Manager - Customer Analytics (5 - 12)Yrs Mumbai, India
Associate Director - Analytics Solutions (8 - 15)Yrs Gurgaon, India
Associate Director - Statistical Modelling (8 - 13)Yrs Bangalore, India
Senior Data Scientist (8 - 13)Yrs Sydney, Australia
Director - Manufacturing Analytics (15 - 23)Yrs India - Bangalore
Senior Director - Process Automation (12 - 17)Yrs India - Tamil Nadu
Senior Data Scientist - Manufacturing Analytics (7 - 12)Yrs India - Bangalore
SVP and Consultative Sales Head - Strategy and Ana... (20 - 25)Yrs UK - London
Associate / Account Manager (6 - 10)Yrs USA - Seattle
Lead Analyst - Retail / CPG (4 - 12)Yrs USA - Cincinnati, San Jose or Georgia
Senior Manager - Retail Analytics (12 - 15)Yrs UAE - Dubai
Vice President - Insurance Analytics (15 - 25)Yrs India - Bangalore
Global Business Development Leader (20 - 25)Yrs USA - Boston

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