Our Values Our Differentiators

Your Most Important Asset – "PEOPLE" is handpicked by expert leaders

Our focused practice groups are led by industry leaders and functional experts with
over 25 years of progressive experience in their respective fields. While we carefully assess the required
skills, we also handle every requirement with highest ethics, assure clients of our commitment to great
quality of work combined with agility and confidentiality that are intrinsic to the nature of our
business. And we continue to strive on delivering expert talents even faster,
a trusted and very pleasant executive search experience

Integrated Approach - We Understand "People, Process and Technology"

We work at the intersection of people, process and technology. Our practice leaders
understand the breadth and depth of business process in various industries; the functional experts
complement the practice leaders with their technology know-how and together with our passionate executive search consultants, we are uniquely enabled to build leadership teams for our clients and envision, streamline and accelerate their business efforts in emerging technologies.

Specialization is at the Core of our Business

At Gladwin Analytics, we believe in the economic benefits of offering specialized services
to our clients. That’s the reason why we build our competence constantly by focusing our individual team efforts on an increasingly narrow range of business areas.

By collaborating with specialized cross functional teams, at Gladwin Analytics, we offer highly
focused search and advisory services in emerging technologies across industry sectors, which not only save our clients time, cost, and effort in building capabilities but also generates significant
positive impact in their business operations.

"Its always what works for our clients" not 'what works for us'

Client centricity is in very core of our business values. We take time to understand your challenges and expectations. Your needs, priorities and long term vision, are our number one concern.

Our customized approach combines deeper insight into the dynamics of our clients with close collaboration at all levels of their organization to deliver our clients sustainable human resources and help them build more capable organizations.

Global Reach

For sourcing, we are supported by a wholly owned subsidiary “Global Database of Emerging
Technology Talent – Grroups.com”, a moderated social platform for emerging technology professionals. Leveraging over 40,000 registered users and the extensive network of our industry leaders we offer expert global sourcing mainly in India, USA, UK, Middle East and Australia.