Risk Management

We recruit global leaders who combine risk and regulatory discipline with a creative and broad commercial mindset.With the chief risk officer’s visibility on the rise every year, the influence and responsibility that come with the position have increased dramatically across organizations.

At Gladwin Analytics, we hire expert risk leadership for our global clients from Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Professional Services and Consulting domain.

Most often found in banking, insurance and healthcare companies, compliance officers are an important component of corporate governance, determining how an organization is managed, directed, and governed, including the relationships between stakeholders and the structure by which company objectives are set and followed. “The most effective line of defense an organization can have against judicial prosecution, including both civil and criminal enforcement, is an efficient and effective compliance program. An efficient and effective compliance program is not possible without a perfect compliance officer.”

At Gladwin Analytics, we recruit and advise leaders who can engage with both regulators and the broad organization at all levels.

Hiring a Risk and Compliance Officer?

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