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Project Summary

Client: A US $ 40 Million Pure Play Business Intelligence and Analytics Consulting Firm (Gladwin Analytics was already engaged with the client providing Executive Search services for their Data Science and Analytics executive requirements in India and USA)

Project Location: India

Project Duration: 6 Months (Continuing as a long term RPO engagement)


The client was facing all time high 'Time to Fill' and 'Time to Hire' problem in their Analytics and Data Science business unit. As the hiring time lengthened, the cost was increasing and the responsibilities of unfilled positions started burden their current employees.

Client required optimization of their recruitment function to streamline the entire process, bring down the cost per hire and reduce the time taken to fill open positions.


Emphasize quality over quantity: Gladwin Analytics studied their current sourcing standards and optimized their Sourcing Strategy. We had set quality metrics for Sourcing Vendors with rewards programme and eliminated volume game out of the system. We had also mobilized two offsite virtual consultants to exclusively source for the client requirements.

Identified interview methodology that best suit our client, Implemented standardized score card based assessments and structured feedback mechanism to make informed hiring decisions.

We also moved the traditional spreadsheets and file folders model to a sophisticated yet simple Applicant Tracking System on top of Gladwin Analytics to streamline and monitor the entire interview and recruitment process.

As metrics and related data was made available on a click of a button from our ATS, we implemented analytics driven recruitment function and reduced flaws at every stage.


The quality of resumes inflow significantly improved and this itself saved a significant amount of internal HR’s time in filtering down irrelevant candidatures. And, well educated employee referral programme reduced outsourcing the requirements to external sourcing vendors and in turn reduced cost per hire massively while boosting the employee’s participation in organization growth.

The client started using standardised score cards and feedback mechanism implemented by Gladwin Analytics. This move enabled our client to compare candidates and evaluate their strengths exactly and make data driven informed hiring decision which resulted in high quality talent acquisition and longer retention period.

The streamlined interview process started providing a hassle free recruitment experience and the effort also resulted in increased hiring manager satisfaction, reduced time to fill and significant cost reduction.

The strategic relationship between the client and Gladwin Analytics has continued to grow and adapt to the changing needs of the organization, and has recently expanded to an enterprise wide engagement for talent sourcing and interview process management.


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